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Making EVs go the extra mile


Sensai is an EV battery health advisor, coaching drivers to take small actions today that will have a big impact on the life of their EV. By connecting to the vehicle's data, Sensai reviews the driving, parking and charging behaviors of a driver, and provides battery health scores that rate their impact on battery life, and personalized advice on how to improve. Our AI system combines advanced battery aging models with large language models to remove the mystery surrounding EV battery health and enable drivers and fleet managers to proactively extend battery life and boost residual value.

Live Demo

To show the capabilities of Sensai, we have pre-programmed it with a year of example data from a Commercial EV. Please ask it anything you'd like to know about this vehicle's battery health, battery health scores, expected life, warranty, value and for tips and suggestions on practical steps to extend this or any vehicle's expected battery life.

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Sensai, how is my battery?

Welcome to Sensai Analytics, where we harness the power of AI to help drive the electrification of Commercial Fleets.

Commercial transportation is responsible for 9% of global carbon emissions. Though many businesses aim to adopt electric vehicles (EVs), the high cost of ownership presents a significant challenge. Here at Sensai Analytics, we're working on the solution. By enabling EVs and their batteries to be used more intelligently, we can extend their lifespan and boost their value - transforming the economics of fleet electrification.

As a research and deployment company, with a team who met while working on the economics of second-life batteries at MIT, we specialize in developing advanced AI technologies that enable data-driven decision making on the health and value of batteries. We partner with OEMs, leasing companies, telematics providers, and fleet owners, to integrate these technologies into their products and services. By doing so, we  extend EV lifespan and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.


Join us in our mission to create a sustainable and cost-efficient future for your electric fleet. Contact us today to be part of the electrification revolution. Together, let's drive change for a better world.



Our Team


Ian Mathews

CEO | Co-Founder


Muhammad Rizwan

ML Research Scientist

Georgia Tech Ph.D.



Erin Looney



Prof. Bolun Xu

Columbia University


Bruce Lawler

Director | MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing & Operations


​Paul King

Battery Scientist

Trinity College Dublin Ph.D.



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